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“I traveled over 22,095 miles and talked to hundreds of revenue leaders and CEOs. The #1 thing that's on everyone's mind all over the world: How to make outbound sales actually work.”

-Sam Jacobs (Pavilion)

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Take a look at our WhatsApp Group Summary just from July 19th, 2023.

July 19th, 2023

Summary (SaaS Yacht Club)

Discussion on Cold Email Strategies and Tools

Members of the SaaS Yacht Club (SYC) discussed various topics related to cold email strategies and tools.

Targeting and Email Accuracy

  • A member noticed a drop in mail validity and questioned the accuracy of Apollo Mail data.

  • Members shared their preferred tools like Clearout for email validation and People Chip in Google Sheets.

  • Discussion concluded that having a good product is key regardless of outbound strategy.

Running Advertising Campaigns

  • Members discussed running ads to companies with missing DNS records and leveraging high-engagement LinkedIn posts as ads.

  • The use of positive reviews in ads and editing posts after paying for ads was mentioned.

  • One member shared success in using a screenshot of an organic post as an ad.

  • Recommendations were made for tools like Tidycal and Calendly for event scheduling.

Email Practices and Verifications

  • Members discussed strict email practices, such as avoiding links and spam words.

  • Tools like Clearout and People Chip were recommended for email verification.

  • Opinions were shared on renewing domains and giving emails rest periods for improved performance.

  • Mail-tester.com was suggested for checking email reputation.

  • Members discussed the concept of gray hat tactics in email delivery and their impact. How most of the techniques now would be considered grey hat.

  • A debate was initiated regarding the use of domain rotation and its alignment with sales goals.

  • The SaaS Yacht Club (SYC) was jokingly referred to as Gray Hat RevOps Pirates.

  • An upcoming LinkedIn audio event was planned to discuss Big SaaS Sequencers and criticize certain practices.

Big SaaS Sequencers and Reputation

  • Members shared concerns about spam issues and the reputation of Big SaaS Sequencers.

  • Claims were made that spam is increasing due to the setup of multiple domains.

  • Plans were discussed for an audio event on LinkedIn to address these issues and invite various experts.

  • Doubts and discussions arose regarding the strategies and products of Big SaaS Sequencers.

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