💥 Newsletter #9 - Cold E-mail Delivery Settings & LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tip

Newsletter #9 with LinkedIn Video + SOP & E-mail Deliverability Settings.

Newsletter #9

New LinkedIn SN Feature + SOP & Optimal E-mail Settings

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This Week's Updates:

#1 - Steal Our E-mail Delivery Settings

Insight from LeadMagic Labs

Zoho, Google, Microsoft all have unique settings. 

We've documented them.

Why it works:

  • E-mail Delivery is everything now

  • Get your settings right

  • Forward your domains too

How to Fix It:

  1. Review your current settings with your IT Team.

  2. Diversify your inboxes. (better delivery)

  3. Warmup and watch for low reply rates and buy new domains regularly

  4. Steal our guide to the optimal settings on each provider

  5. Bonus - build an API system to provision domains automatically

#2 New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Targeting Feature

Insight from LeadMagic Labs

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Added - Account List Upload to the Account List Object.

Why it works:

  • Department Growth and Company Growth are critical.

What to do:

  1. Upload Accounts

  2. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Accounts Section to Target

  3. Use Department Growth + Company Growth in your Target 1,000

  4. Put Watcher or Saved Searches on these lists to track for relevance.

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