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Here are the LinkedIn Algorithm Updates for October

Tip #1: Everyone Knows the Rules

For the algorithm only your first action will count.

  • Commenting on a post after you first liked it has almost no impact on your reach anymore.

  • No need to comment on everyone’s comments… who cares now..

Tip #2: No More Bad Penalties

Posting on LinkedIn via 3rd Party App is no-longer penalized with less reach.

  • They used to devalue your posts if you used products like HootSuite, Buffer etc.. really stupid.

Tip #3: God-Mode

Enable Creator Mode

  • Followers are now treated equally as connections in receiving your content

  • Not enabled? You will only get your posts seen by first connections ONLY!

Tip #4: Stop being a Hashtag Weirdo


  • Use 2 - 6 Hashtags for the best results (i’ve seen the best at 3)

Tip #5: Dwell Time is for Text Only Now

Dwell time

  • Text posts, it still matters…. for all other posts it has less influence now…. this opens opportunities for videos and other strategies to be pushed out there…

Tip #6: LinkedIn Live Still Sucks for Engagement

LinkedIn Live

  • Average engagement is 3-4%

  • Best is 8-10%

Tip #7: Your Company Page Schedule

Company Page Posts

  • Perform less on Sunday, Monday, and Friday (schedule them for the other days)

Thanks to some of the algorithm greats like Richard Van, Richard Bliss, JustOnce etc...

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