📤 Why E-mail Deliverability is tanking...

It's time to fix your e-mail deliverability.

Why Email Deliverability is Tanking (webinar recording)

This was a big one. We had hundreds of people attend to learn more about email deliverability, why it’s tanking and what you can do about it.

Here are some insights/takeaways from the webinar for you:

  1. Bad domain health means even the BEST messages aren’t making it to the primary inbox

  2. DMARC, DKIM, SPF, Spam Lists, Viruses…. if you don’t know what ALL of these are then you need to watch the webinar and join our community ASAP

  3. They key metric to go after is NOT open rates…. REPLY rates is what you want to measure against.

There are so many more nuggets in this webinar. It’s a must watch to anyone that uses cold email to get meetings.

The recording is available in our free LeadMagic community and has been posted today.

If you haven’t joined - then please register here. You’ll get the webinar plus so much more data and info on cold prospecting + deliverability all for free.

We also have an Email Deliverability 101 webinar coming up. Stay tuned for details or join the community to get early access.


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